About Victoria Kopp

Victoria is one of the most sought-after lifestyle strategists in the online business space, helping women overcome anxiety & anxious thinking to start living confidently.

She strongly stands for being able to “have it all” — having built her lifestyle in a way that gives her the freedom to be a confident, joyful, person who isn't afraid of change or confronting her 'stuff'.

Through her own struggle to build this life that she is both proud of and happy with, Victoria developed a lifestyle program using truth- based systems that have worked in countless situations with various individuals.

The step-by-step systems help her students find comfort in who they are in a feel-good transformational way. It allows them to not only have a guide in their personal, day-to-day journey; but also gives them tools they can work through and implement on their own. Thus, empowering them to grab hold of truths in their own lives, giving them the knowledge to pull out their own strengths.

Her students consistently change the way they see themselves and the way they live their lives.

They start to believe in life's magic and find transformation in sharing their new found freedom.

The step-by-step processes Victory Life Coaching teaches her students is used to manage their doubts, fears, unbeliefs, and anxiety.
This gives them the ability to feel more peace, joy, and freedom in their day-to-day lives.
 She has experienced her own journey from struggle to freedom, fulfillment, and joy.

"I was very near to a hopeless life.
I didn't financially plan for the future because I didn't believe I would have one... At least not one worth having. But I would have next to a panic attack about my non-existent children's college funds.

I was anxious all the time about everything.
I didn't feel smart enough or talented enough. I felt ugly and worthless.

My relationships, especially romantically, were a train wreck. I was abused, but felt like I deserved it.
I was constantly taking on the blame for everyone else's behavior... Because if only I was more enough, then I would deserve the life I wanted.

I punished myself mercilessly for the choices I had made as a teenager & in my early twenties. Which just meant every wrong & bad thing was retribution for my past life. There were moments I didn't even believe I should have better, much less seek for better.

At my biggest turn around moment - I knew I wanted to live & to live meant to change. So I sought help - as a last ditch effort to fight for not even the life I wanted, just a different life than what I had.

Thank God I found the life of my dreams anyways!
Finding processes that actually work for me changed everything in my entire world.
Everyone wasn't out to get me anymore. I could believe I was pretty & worthy & had many talents. I didn't have to perform a certain way to feel. And other people's emotions stopped being my fault or somehow my responsibility to manage/change.

And that is what I'm determined to offer to other women who feel the same way.
A place of solace from their fears. A place to find their value & the road that proves value has been there all along."
Manage Anxious Thinking & Start Living Victoriously Today!
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